User Guide

Beating line movement

Optimize Your Setup

We recommend using a desktop when possible and having two or more devices ready to get releases and place bets efficiently.

Every split second counts. Be well prepared to act quickly.

There are little things you can do to make the process faster. Copy and paste bet amounts, have passwords saved in your browser, use the "Find" (Control-F) feature to locate game numbers or team names on the screen, everything helps.

Derivatives and Alt-Lines

When available, 1st half lines, money lines and alt-lines will often not move as quickly as traditional full game prices but these bets typically have comparable +EV over the long run.

Choosing a Sportsbook

Sportsbook selection may be the biggest factor in determining whether or not you can get release lines on a consistent basis. Some sportsbooks move lines faster than others, and some have much more intense competition for lines than others. You will likely have to do some experimenting with different outs to find a workable and sustainable solution.

Please note that we will not be able to recommend any specific sportsbooks. We get asked this question very frequently. If we were to send subscribers to a specific sportsbook, it would likely no longer work well for everyone.

Frequently asked questions

I missed the release or wasn't able to get the release line, what do I do?

When this happens it is almost always best to just pass the game. You don't want to take a bad price, you don't want to buy points, and you don't want to pay extra juice to get closer to the release line. In the rare case that a line returns to our release line at some point in the market, there often could be new information, or it likely isn't going to be a high performing subset of plays for us. You can always message us and ask for an updated opinion.

What can I do to lower the chances of getting my account banned or limited from playing RAS releases?

Mix up your action, don't play only RAS releases in any one account. Spread out your action. If we have 5 plays, ideally you would bet 1 release each in 5 different accounts. We realize this is not always realistic, but you get the idea. Don't bet the max. If your max is $1000, choose a lower amount. No matter what you do, once you win enough from any sportsbook you are likely to get limited or banned, so be proactive and have backup accounts ready to go.